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80,000 Hours

Anthony HaHere’s a recent article by Anthony Ha at Tech Crunch that should start everyone thinking and talking about career advise. The following is a short excerpt, see Anthony’s full article at TechCrunch

The advice, by the way can be pretty counter-intuitive. For example, it pushes back against what Todd (Benjamin Todd Co-founder 80,000 Hours) calls “the paradigm career advice of our time.” namely following your passion.
In contrast 80,000 Hours tells readers. “Don’t follow your passion” –which is pretty surprising. Isn’t following your passion supposed to make you more motivated, and therefore more successful?

Todd Countered that passion is “not anywhere close to a guarantee of being successful or having an impact.” He also noted that most people say their passion is in areas like sports and the arts, which offer very limited career opportunities.
Most importantly, he said that research suggests that following your passion “gets things backwards.” Instead, you should focus on “getting good at something that’s meaningful, and then passion develops from that later on.”




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