We bring inovation to STEM Education

Our experience and vision:

The STEM with music Tour is about training and mentoring talented college student interns, providing an all-inclusive, innovative STEM learning experience to high school students, through public relations, video production, and STEM related skills, combining talent and inspiration through a live and entertaining concert-like atmosphere, the goal being to establish the principles of STEM education as building blocks to a successful future career.

Enhanced by video highlights of the interns’ STEM activities with their mentors, the Tour blends experienced industry leaders, celebrities, and tech industry entrepreneurs’ video endorsements, each program a live-in-person educational event, live-streamed throughout the school district and capable of reaching 40,000 high school students in most locations.
Further, the Tour is fashioned around a core motorsports concept to embrace a wide range of STEM activities with a diverse group of presenters, building drama and interest through the interaction of STEM interns, mentors, and endorsers. Students will follow the Tour’s progression from event to event, the new learning experiences supported by the interns, mentors, and endorsers. The motorsport core will also provide additional exposure and media opportunities, promoting the STEM message within each local media market, beginning in Florida and Georgia, and expanding throughout the country as it gains momentum.

The Tour is working with AdvancED to develop an Accelerator program of Teacher Workshops and Student Tech-Boot- Camps with continued follow-up and interaction with both students and teachers. The Tech-Boot-Camps are leadership incubators designed specifically for women and minorities, hosted by the interns, focusing on underrepresented, high-potential students. The core principle for students is in understanding that STEM education studies can be achieved affordably to ensure success. Developed by STEM educational professionals and led by college interns, the Boot-Camps aim, through social media and activities, to foster a bond among students and college interns.
Accelerator STEM Teacher seminars, following events, will provide teachers with new and innovative teaching methods to help bring STEM alive in today’s classroom with new technologies, continuing to push the boundaries of personalized learning.

STEM with music currently has a talented group of mentors, educators and contractor from various business and Universities ready to go once the funding is in place. Such as Stage Front Design, E-THREE-MEDIA, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah State University, University of New York at Oneonta Com Arts Department, and Georgia Tech



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